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Hurt Me (I'm Yours) - Rampant Jane Mix

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My cover of the great song by the 80's Goth band Randeshka Jane, "Hurt Me, I'm Yours".


Hurt me, I'm yours
© Martin L Stephenson

Dirty looks
kinda like your feel
the way you talk
it’s so unreal
your birth sign
don't do you any wrong
shouldn't be like this,
but, I blame it on the blond

hurt me, I'm yours

your beck and call
so fanciful
if you push
maybe,I'll pull
at your whim and pleasure
your delight
I better wash my hands
so the nails shine bright

hurt me, I'm yours

give me cold fever, honey
give me, those razor eyes
say you'll never leave me
because I love your lies
skinless dreams of angels
my list is far too long
reason melts, but
I must be strong

hurt me, hurt me, I'm yours.